Friday, 23 February 2007

Romantic-esque-ness in Sydney

I went all the way into Circular Quay today to do a commercial proposal for a freelance director/photographer type person. It was fun. It was another montage type deal, so the scene was very quick but far more interesting than that last one I did. The theme was about Sydney being a romantic city and my scene was to laugh with and kiss a guy.

Yes, my first screen kiss. Oh the excitement. Ha ha. I was actually quite nervous and so was the lovely Josh, but once we started shooting it was easy and fun. We had to do, oh, at least 10 takes (director couldn't decide on angle and shot size) and after a few it was getting pretty funny. We both got the giggles at one stage - yes, terribly professional I know! Plus, I was taller than Josh, so I had to take my shoes off and bend my knees a little, so it was really quite funny. The concrete was burning hot so in between takes I was jumping up and down and running to stand on my shoes.

People kept stopping to watch (we were right near the Opera House so lots of tourists), and there was this one old guy that stood and watched the whole time. Weirdness.

Then there were a couple of shots for a different scene, just close ups of my face and hands. It was a good day, met nice people and it only took a bit over an hour. Plus, the director/photographer girl is going to give me a good deal on photography for my headshots (my mother in law has offered to help pay for them so I should be able to get them done in the next month or so. Yay!) and she's got other projects coming up that she might want me for.

So, let's hope that the companies involved love these ad proposals and decide to go ahead, PAY for them and put them on TV! *crossed fingers*

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Connor said...

Onstage kisses were always an adventure.