Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Wuthering Heights


No, not one of the half-million Wuthering Heights films. I just finished reading the book. Goodness, it's a good one, isn't it?

I read it years and years ago and had forgotten most of the story so it was such a pleasant surprise to read it again. I was particularly surprised by how much I dearly cared for Heathcliff by the end. Just imagine a love so strong in a man so crazy!

In the various films' threads on IMDB there's endless discussion of which actor could play Heathcliff if they made it agian today. Suggestions range from Daniel Day Lewis to Orlando Bloom to Joaquin Phoenix... Johnny Depp... Colin Firth... Hugh Jackman... Heath Ledger... hmm, I don't know about any of those. I think Depp could have done it 5 or 10 years ago but he is starting to age a bit now (finally!). I think Orlando as Heathcliff would make me laugh (but you never know!). Heath Ledger's an interesting idea.

As for Cathy, apparently there are rumours around that Angelina Jolie was interested.... um, no. Not good. Besides, dear Cathy dies at about 19, so you need someone pretty young don't you. (I'll do it! Pick me, pick me!) I can't think of anyone.

Any ideas?


Nic and Beren said...

Oh I love love love this book. And the original film b&w film, can't remember the actors. I dont know about a remake, that would spoil it for me.

Ahh sigh, so romantic.

Sumara said...

Ah, but the thing about the old film versions is that they all end when Cathy dies so we miss out on the whole 2nd half of the story... the 1992 version (Ralph Fiennes I think and Juliette Binoche?) was the only one to finish the rest of Heathcliff's story, and stay true to the book.

It was Laurence Olivier in the original 1939.. not sure about the girl... gotta love Olivier.

Tam said...

Unfortunately I was required to read this for uni, the speed at which we were required to read it and then dissect it kind of spoiled it...

Because of those factors I doubt whether I will ever read the book again...a shame I guess, I kind of half enjoyed it...

Sumara said...

Oh definitely read it again Tam! Wait a few years and then take your time, it's not a book that should be rushed.