Monday, 2 April 2007

Nearly Easter!

Not that I have anything much to say about Easter; I just couldn't think of a post title.

Today, though, I did attend my first "Easter Hat Parade" (first as the mum, anyway) - at my daughter's preschool. What a bizarre little cultural tradition that is. Very cute, though. Even if my daughter is the one always talkign and telling everyone what to do. *sigh* I'm such a socially-backward person (in real life, it's true!), and yet I get the extroverted chatterbox daughter! Perhaps she's here to teach me how to socialise.

Anyway, enough about noisy daughters and Easter hats.


Masked Man is all finished. Well, unless they need to reshoot something. Or they decide I was crap. Or something.

No really, I'm sure it's all done and now will be edited and soundtracked and all that good stuff and I'll get a copy.... sometime. We did the stabbing/dying scene and it was great fun. I felt good about my "death" in terms of the acting. It felt good to me anyway. My hands and tummy were stained red for quite a while from the fake blood (gravox with water, red food colouring and a little bit of blue!), which was pretty icky but looked good.

Plus, they mustn't think I'm crap because they asked me to be in their next film, which will be filming in June or July. It looks good actually, a more challenging and grown up role than this one was, so I shall look forward to that.


I haven't heard anything about the film extra work, so I'm kinda thinking I missed out on that one. Damnit. (Still got my fingers crossed though! Film doesn't shoot until May.)


Oh, and we watched Godzilla yesterday. The 98 Roland Emmerich one (is there an earlier one or am I imgining that?). Oh, my goodness. So bad. Bad writing, bad acting, dodgy sequencing. Awful in so many ways. And yet, some parts made me laugh, so there you go. Not all bad.


Connor tagged me to do a "10 things you don't know about me" meme. I'm still thinking. I keep thinking of completely inappropriate things. I'll try to do that list tonight or tomorrow.


daverichards said...

Well Easter is almost here..and it's great to see people around excited about's a wonderful celebration filled with fun and laughter...and for some more fun and joy just drop by my blog on Easter Greetings and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

Connor said...

That comment was obviously left by someone who didn't read your post. But, oh, how funny the obvious can be. :)

Sumara said...

Yeah, because you can SO tell from my post how excited I am about easter! :-)