Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Photos and flowers...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I sure did. My girls and I are suffering from the various behavioural after-affects of too much chocolate!

Powered Productions have some photos up from the filming of Masked Man. You can see them here. There's a cool one of me looking directly upwards into the camera. And lots of the wonderful Powered Productions team - Kylie, Brad, Rebecca, Darren and Ange. (Thanks for having me, guys, it was great fun!)

In other news... erm... well, there isn't any.

I've been writing a lot lately, some short stories and children's book ideas. I'd like to write a script and I have a character in mind but I think I need to write it in story form first or I'll lose track too easily.
I've joined an online book club too so have been discussing and analysing books - at the moment it's What's Eating Gilbert Grape by Peter Hedges. A really great book; I was surprised at how different it is from the movie considering Hedges also wrote the screenplay.

I've been given two bunches of flowers recently; a colourful mixed bunch from my dad and his wife, and some gorgeous, fragrant, old-fashioned, dusky pink and white roses from my parents-in-law. It's so lovely to have fresh flowers in the house!

Anyway I'd best go finish off the last of the Easter chocolate, and what better film to eat it with than Chocolat?

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