Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Okay, 10 things...

... I hate about you!

Ha ha! Of course not!

10 things "you" don't know about me (though probably one or two of you know a couple of them) ... tagged by Connor...

1. I have a livejournal on which I talk about completely different stuff, under a completely different name which you will never find! Mwa ha ha ha!

2. My first acting role was as the "Sailor's Wife" in a play in Year 3. I dressed in a fat suit and a really ugly red tent dress and sang the "Skipping Rope Hornpipe" while skipping and eating a Mars Bar.

3. I have a nephew and his middle name is Rain.

4. Since having kids, I have developed heaps of new freckles on my hands from all the time pushing a pram in the sun.

5. I grew up a good Catholic girl and my confirmation name was Monica.

6. I am an awesome cook. Last night I made sausages with gravy and my husband was in raptures. Honestly! (I do cook really good, more interesting, stuff too.)

7. You know how at the Oscars n stuff you see fairly new actresses saying "I never imagined I'd be at the Oscars/Golden Globes/whatever"? Well, I reckon they're having themselves on, because I imagine it all the time. I don't know any aspiring actor who doesn't. I have my speech, autograph and dressmaker all figured out.

8. It's my birthday soon! The 11th April. I'll be 26. Oh my goodness, that sounds older than I should be...

9. I've never had a dream that I was flying or falling, or naked in public. Lots of weirder dreams though.

10. I really struggle to not care what other people think of me. I try really hard to just be my own comfortable self, but then I also try really hard to impress other people with my looks/intelligence/opinions. I even try to impress people with how much I can not care if they're impressed. A dilemma, to be sure.


There you go! 10 points for each one you already knew. The winner gets... the joy of being the winner!


Nic and Beren said...

Happy birthday for the 11th :-)

Sumara said...

Thanks Nic!