Monday, 30 April 2007


Well, filming has begun on the feature I was hoping to get extra work on... so, well... better luck next time hey?

Anyway, random little updates.... I'm auditioning on Sunday for a local profit-share production of After Dinner by Andrew Bovell. And I'm quite excited about it; I'm rather itching to do some "proper acting".
I'm also submitting an audition (as soon as I figure out how to make a voice recording on my computer) for a voice role in an animated short film. That just sounds like fun.
I submitted my headshot and CV to another casting place in Sydney. Hopefully a casting person will open the email and think "Wow! Check out this chick! Where has she been all my life?", and jump on the phone to cast me in some fabulous gig.


Well, I can dream...


Hayley said...

bummer about the feature starting filming and no extra work :(.

Hope the audition on Sunday goes really well!

I really hope you get cast in something fun and cool!

Sumara said...

Thanks Hayley. The audition went pretty well but I won't knwo until tomrrow if I get a callback.

I really hope so too! :-)