Monday, 6 October 2008

Hey, photographers

Yes, Hayley, I'm looking squarely at you.

How do a take a photo where the tree looks like this:

but the sky looks like this:
Is it possible?

I'm rather fond of that 2nd one, actually, but it would be nice if the tree was just a little more detailed.


Connor said...

I understand what you're saying... could you take both and then paste the second over the first on Paint or something?

But I agree, the second picture is cool. Very evocative.

HayleyB said...

I'm here to help! The best you can hope for without having to do any post processing work is to try and find an exposure somewhere between the two. You end up with some detail in both the sky and the tree, but not as much as what you have in the photos you posted.

If have time for and enjoy post processing, you can do what's called HDR (High Dynamic Range), where you merge the two photos (or multiple shots of the same thing with different exposures) together to get as much detail as you can in both (a bit like what Connor says). You can see examples here:

Personally, I think it takes too much time and bother to do HDR, but lots of people would disagree. I prefer not to have to do any post processing, but don't mind playing around with it on occasion.

Sumara said...

Thanks Hayley. :) And thanks Connor too.

The problem with the "getting the exposure just right" method is that I'm usually taking photos with a small person strapped onto me. Small person is not terribly patient, but is terribly interested in eating the camera. :)

Hayley, I think I agree with you about HDR. I like a photo to just be A Photo.

I keep looking at my photos, and I think I like the sky better than the tree, anyway!