Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Exciting day at my local

... playground, that is, not pub. "Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities" is filming for a few days in and around my town. Here's an article in the local paper. I stopped this morning at the playground, to sit and feed the boy, and had a bit of a stickybeak. The crew was setting up, the actors were drinking tea, the extras were standing around, as extras do. Richmond Park is a great old fashioned park, with picket fences, orginal grandstand and bandstand, and pretty garden beds... so I guess it's a good location for a 70's country town feel.

Matthew Newton wandered around looking very spiffy in a 70's suit, and Roy Billing (looking a fair bit older and wider than in that photo!) got all perplexed about something to do with wardrobe for the next scene. Lots of cast were wearing "Vote for Don" badges... which, now that I've looked it up, obviously refers to campaigner Donald Mackay, played by Andrew McFarlane.

Anyway, it was interesting to see a bit of the process going on, and it reminded me how much standing around goes on!


Nic said...

Oh how exciting Sumara ! :-)

HayleyB said...

That's exciting, I don't remember anything like this having happened in Richmond before. Would have been cool if you could have volunteered to be an extra, on the spot, but I guess things don't usually work that way unfortunately.

Sumara said...

Hayley, there have been a few things filmed in Richmond, at the park, and Richmond courthouse used to be Yabbi Creek Courthouse on Home and Away.

I was so tempted to go up to someone and ask to be an extra... but apart from that not being the way to do it (I would've just really irritated someone!), I had modern clothes on (this is set in the 70s) and a baby with me. So nah, wasn't going to happen.