Monday, 13 October 2008

Lookit, lookit!

My Beryl (3 years old) was shopping with me a while ago and picked out this pink fabric, requesting that I make her a skirt. I took it home with the best of intentions, but just didn't get around to doing it.

So, while both girls were away at Nan's last week I thought I'd make the time to get it done. In the interests of peaceful sibling co-existence, I thought I'd better make one for Talitha, too, so I called and ask what colour she'd like. "Rainbow, mum." But of course! The spotty fabric was the closest thing to rainbow I could find.

These skirts are super-easy and quick to make (hooray!). I used the free pattern from Oliver + S, which I discovered a few weeks back when Amanda Soule, whose crafty/family blog is the best thing ever, made a whole bunch of them for her little girl. Thanks so much Oliver + S, and Amanda Soule, for the great inspiration and help!

The two skirts took me a couple of hours, with interruptions from the two males of the house. The most fabulous thing is the way the hem is done with a length of ribbon, so it turns out very neat and a little bit special-looking. I think my waistbands are a tad dodgy, but overall they look pretty nice to me. My girlies were very pleased with them, so that's good enough.

It really pleases me to dress my children in clothes I've made them myself. It's one of those things that really makes me feel like a proper mum. Which is a nice way to feel. :)


Crystal said...

HI! I followed your link from SouleMama - and I'm glad I did!! You totally have inspired me to make 2 little skirts for our granddaughters tonight. I'm going now - I shall not be sidetracked again. Take care!

Liesl Gibson said...

Terrific! So glad you enjoy the pattern. I love seeing the skirts!

Mr B said...

Looks awesome Sumara ! youve inspired me to get out the sewing machine and give them a try. Will have to email you for tips, haha

I know what you mean about feeling like a proper mum, aww .

Sumara said...

Hi Crystal! Thanks for popping in. I'm sure your granddaughters will love whatever you make for them. :)

Hi Liesl - I didn't really expect you to follow my link, so thank you! Lovely to see you here. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Nic - you won't even need tips, it's so simple and lovely to make. Email me anyway, though!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute Sumara! Well done on making them! I have often thought it would be nice to be able to make clothing, but I can't justify the expense of buying a sewing machine when I don't know how to use one, and I don't have the time to use one. Beside the fact that at the moment, we have nowhere to put one.... I will get there one day, I hope.

Anonymous said...

oh these look great! I have that skirt on my list of things to make too!