Sunday, 20 August 2006

"Acting Up" at Luna Park

Today was a great day. :)

I had a fabulous time in the acting workshop; it was so great just to be in the acting *zone* again and in a group of people creating some drama... even if it was just a few two-minute impros.

The teacher's comment to me while I was waiting for the class to start was "so, where are you in the whole high-school thing?" Yeah! Who says being a parent makes you get old?

After I said I was well and truly finished high school, and a degree, and was married with two kids, she said "oh great, so you're a real person then, one of us!" I think she mostly works with teenagers and was a bit excited to have proper grown-ups in her class.

I did get to do a screen-test, but it was just a practise thing really, nothing will come of it. Still, it was a real film director doing it and it was a great experience. He had great feedback for me and some lovely compliments too. (and I didn't need to do a monologue, just read from a film script.) I was very pleased with how I did.

There were a few great panel discussions with such people as Lorraine Bayly, Mark Morrissey, Faith Martin, David Field (he was great to listen to), Bill Bennett (a film director who I'd love to meet again, I really liked what he had to say), Peter Cousens... I'll be back tomorrow with more of the great stuff all these people said but right now I have a headache and am waiting on my delivery boy (er, that'd be Noel) to bring the pizza.

More tomorrow...

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