Wednesday, 16 August 2006

La de dah...

Haven't had much to blog about lately, sorry. I keep meaning to write more on the topic of films and acting - psychological/realistic acting and symbolic/stylistic acting.... but the thoughts never find their way into proper sentences and paragraphs and I haven't done enough reading/watching yet to sound intelligent enough. Gotta find some time to sit down and watch lots of movies... wish I had the luxury...

There's a bit of excitement on the way though - on Sunday I'm going to the Ensemble Studios Open Day - "Acting Up" at Luna Park. It's a day of acting workshops and talks by industry professionals about being an actor, getting work, arts in Australia etc. And apparently there's opportunity to do a screen test with casting agents and directors, so I'm polishing up a couple of monologues in case I get the chance.

I'm still plugging away trying to find some part-time work. I didn't even hear back about any of the jobs I applied for. I guess the days are gone of calling people to politely let them know that the position has been taken. Goodness knows, people wouldn't want to spend an extra 43 seconds of effort to be courteous. So for the moment, still desperately hoping we get some extra tax money back. Listings for Showcast close on 1st September so if I don't have $130 by then I'll be stuck up You-Know-What Creek without a paddle for the next year.

I'm even thinking about starting Avon or something. Ugh.


lusi said...

Hey the acting workshops sound great! Have a blast and hope there's a chance for a screen test thingy - you are a very good girl preparing just in case!
OMGosh - Did you read a couple posts back that I found Cheryle Quek whom I used to room with?! How weird is that - I googled her!!!
hey can you forward me Mar and Sar's email too when you get a chance? Ta!
Love to you all (and hope you get the cash for showcast too )
Lus x

Sumara said...

(ok that was T's message. It says "daddy, beryl, mummy, Talitha")

Yes I read that you got in touch with Cheryl. :) I didn't realise you googled her - how cool!

I'll email you. :)