Thursday, 17 August 2006

"Dead Man" with Johnny Depp

I watched this film on SBS last night. Wow. What a bizarre and fascinating film.

Depp's character is beautiful, as always, and Gary Farmer as Nobody is just riveting. It was over 2 hours (yay for no ads on SBS) and I seriously couldn't take my eyes off the screen for the whole movie.

Depp's amazing physical acting comes to the fore. There's not a great deal of dialogue and the character Blake actually spend a large section of the movie lying pretty still while Nobody attends to him, and yet still we are drawn to that face that reveals so much and keeps the character so present and alive that we just can't look away.

The directing (Jim Jarmusch) has been much criticised apparently, and yeah, there were some bits that made me think huh? but like I said I couldn't tear myself away for one instant, so hey, good enough for me!

Another one to add to the DVDs to Buy list. :)

And speaking of DVDs and Johnny Depp - can anyone in the world tell me if Depp's The Brave has been released on Region 4 DVD? I really wanna see it, but it only seems to exist on Region 1.

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