Wednesday, 23 August 2006

A bit of something

On Friday and Tuesday (assuming I can get a grandmother to look after the girls) I'm going in to UTS to film a scene for a film student. It's just one scene for an assessment and she seemed awfully pleased that I'd volunteered for her. So hey, another bit of experience for me and a little piece for my showreel. I have to be a year 12 student... hmmm maybe I need to drag out an old school uniform... !!!


Nic and Beren said...

Oh cool, sounds like fun ! How did it go?

Sumara said...

Thanks for dropping in Nic. :-)

The rehearsal's tomorrow and shooting's next Tuesday. But today the other actor pulled out so I'm not exactly sure what's happening!I hope she can find someone else pretty quick.

jkr2 said...

so, you wearing that uniform home afterwards, sumara?


Sumara said...

Ha! Jo! I almost spilled hot tea all over myself and the computer!

I'm sure Noel would be mighty impressed if I did. I think he'd be even more impressed if I was small enough to fit into an old school uniform!

tsk tsk, Jobee.

Anyway, the rehearsal's been moved to Monday afternoon now, providing she finds another actress.

Sif said...

Wow, didn't know you had a blog, and didn't know you were into acting! Cool!

Sumara said...

Hi Sif! Fancy seeing you here. Lovely to "see you. :-) Thanks for saying hi.

Not that you actually said "hi", but you said "wow" and "cool" which is even better.