Thursday, 17 August 2006

Yippee!! *happy dance*

After my big moan yesterday about having no money and worrying about not being able to pay for the Showcast listing, I called the Family Assistance people and found out that they processed our tax details and tomorrow there'll be a very nice large sum in my bank account. Yay! I'll be able to pay for Showcast and pay off a couple of big bills. And maybe even get my hair done.

Oh, the excitement. :)


lusi said...

yay yay yay! wanna see pics of that new hair do too!
Lus xxx

Sumara said...

Aah, thanks Lus. But after doing the sums I don't think I'll afford the hairdo after all.
It's amazing how quickly a large amount of money gets swallowed up by bills! :-0
Ah well, such is life.