Thursday, 31 August 2006

Audition excitement

I'm a bit excited. :)

I've been in contact with a young Sydney director who's making a a feature film in November/December. I'm meeting with him tomorrow to audition and to "chat about the script and which character you'd like". The film is ultra-low-budget, which means he can't pay people but he can cover transport and meals, which is something at least. Speaking on the phone to him, he was so excited and really eager to hear what I thought of the script and characters. It's sort of a romance with a meaningful twist, and the character I'm keen on is the romantic interest. I feel pretty excited because of how excited he sounds - he called me within minutes of my email, and sent the script right then, and called again later... made me feel like quite the star to have a director calling me asking about a script. I get the feeling he knows what he's doing and he can make this thing happen.

I really really hope I get it. :)

Also tomorrow is the audition for the "psychological" short film, and maybe (if someone gets back to me) the one that'll be in French.

Wish me luck, or blessings, or whatever it is you tend to wish people... :)

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Nic and Beren said...

Awesome ! It sounds great that he and you are excited about it, and I hope you get it.
Good Luck Mate!