Sunday, 27 August 2006

Things are picking up a bit...

Just checking in really... good to see so many people were interested in my posts on "Acting Up". *snort* No really, I'll just sit here in the corner and talk to myself...

Just kidding. What would anyone say anyway? :-)

I've been getting lots of short film audition notices the last few weeks... seems most film students are getting started on their final projects so there are lots of student producers and directors looking for 20-something actors and promising something along the lines of "this is unpaid but actors will be well looked after and receive a copy of the film. This will be entered into many film festivals and we anticipate plenty of exposure." All of which is perfectly fine by me... I'm just dying to get stuck into a character or two and spend some good quality time in front of a camera.

So, early this week I'm doing that student assessment shoot, then on Saturday an audition for a psychological short with "born evil" characters. Ooh.

Other auditions coming up are for one about sacrificial love, and one about the difficulties of love - in French ("there is minimal dialogue and you will be coached to speak fluently"!).

Last week I posted off my headshot with a very honest and far-from-standard cover letter to one of Sydney's big agencies, asking for representation. Hopefully they'll contact me, and hopefully not just to say "you sound, er, interesting, but... not right now". I'll ring up next week anyway and try to sweet-talk 'em into it. ;-)

I'm feeling good. Things are happening.

They may not be huge things, but they are somethings.


Connor said...

"born evil."

I always prefer the honest cover letters, myself. :)

Sumara said...

Hi Connor, you're back!

Ah yes, I think I remember reading a very frank letter by you on your blog a while ago. :)

lusi said...

Good luck Sum :) Thinking of ya
Lus x