Thursday, 15 June 2006


That's the return fare to the city from Richmond! How rude. Of course if I could travel off-peak it would be five bucks less, but I have to leave before 9 to get there before 10.30. And those clever people at CityRail have designed it so that you can't save money by buying single tickets; one-way off-peak fares are not available. Clever little money-makers they are.

No wonder so many actors are struggling actors.

In other news... I can't decide which monologue to do tomorrow. There's the one I did for the last audition, or there's this one, also from Europe:

I shouldn't drink alcohol before midnight. My body's not prepared for it. In an hour I'll have a headache. Some people seem to work better after drinking alcohol. I wish I could.
I don't appear any different, do I? I'm not staggering. I'm not falling over. I tripped on the stairs on the way in but nobody saw us. Perhaps I should forget where I am in the play. Lead the whole company in a different direction, towards a new ending. Expose the villain in the second act, decide to be happy and move to Stockholm and end the play with a dance. One night I'd like to, oh god I would. Instead of this... trauma I go through.
Have you read the programme?
It's full of essays about the historical role of suicide, the neurotic sexuality of capitalism, the effects of climate on newlyweds - all sorts of things I'm supposed to embody every time I drag myself through this masterpiece. All I'm sure is the costume is too tight and I hate the sound of a gun going off.

(Barbara, from Europe by Michael Gow)

That's actually a much longer monologue but I've cut it down.

It's more appropriate to this particular film but I don't know it as well. I quite like it though, and the panel at the last audition didnt seem too happy that I'd chosen an angry/frustrated piece... this one's a bit lighter so might be better.

I'll decide tonight, I just need to read through the play again and remind myself what Barbara's on about. She's on about something, I'm sure of it!

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lusi said...

that is rude - i'm with you hun!
Chookas for the audition too - i'll be thinkin of ya!
Lus x