Sunday, 4 June 2006

My 2 seconds of fame.

Anyone who knows me well, especially from college days, knows that I am one of those goody-two-shoes types that is always the first to volunteer. Back in classes in college, whenever a teacher asked who would go first for something or other, my classmates would pretty much already be looking at me and laughing before I'd even piped up my usual enthusiastic "I will!" They could also tell you that it was partly because I was plain old enthusiastic, and partly because I just wanted us all to get on with it - I hated waiting around wasting time when there was work to be done.

So, yesterday at the filming in Double Bay. There was lots of waiting around because before we (the extras) even got there they were running behind schedule. We ended up starting on our bit about an hour late. Which is fine - there was food, comfy chairs, nice people, and we just watched the others doing another scene and I really enjoyed watching the process actually.

Then, our scene is set and the director (Sam Atwell, a really nice bloke) asks for a girl to do the first bit. Of course good ole Sumara pipes up "I will". I could almost hear the college girls giggling at me from 5 years ago.
Here's the catch - the bit I so enthusiastically volunteered for was to walk out through the door and close it behind me! Yep, I darn well volunteered myself out of the scene! Well done, Little Miss Enthusiastic. My very brief character did have a name though.

I take comfort from the fact that Sam was quite disappointed when he realised I was "wrapped" for the day, and very apologetic that I'd waited around so long for not much.
And, it turned out to be a good thing because my 16-month old Bear was home and not coping without me as it turned out. If I stayed for the rest of the scene I would've been home hours after bedtime and goodness knows what kind of a state my Bear would've been in, poor sweet girl.

Anyway, another "I'm glad I went" for that experience.
I could look at it as: nine hours away from home, 2 hours of waiting around for 20 minutes of filming and 2 seonds of screen time. (not to mention the freezing weather, slow trains, splitting headache and screaming bubba!)
Or, I could look at it as: My first screen experience. Always good to meet and get along with a successful Aussie actor, especially when he's apparently getting into directing.

And hey, I have an entry for my CV - "Kristy, Dog Without a Bone, dir Sam Atwell".


Nic and Beren said...

Hey thats not bad. At least you werent far in the background not doing anything, you actually got to open a door. :-)

lusi said...

LOL -I can't stop laughing about all your references to the college girls. yep I was giggling when you said you volunteered for something (only because I remember those days soooo well!!!!!) Well done to you - look at it like you said, as your first real acting gig which is more than most of us ex-uni people can say we have under our belt! Who knows what the next thing might be? Just promise me you'll remember me as the journal-addict-who-tried-too-hard-at-college-fijian-freaky-gal and I'll be pretty pleased just to have known you!!!LOL!!!

Love you heaps!


Sumara said...

Thanks Nic. :-) ALthough I realised after I wrote this that I didn't actually open the door... someone else opened it and I walked through. But, I did walk through straight towards the camera so at least I'll be seen! LOL, I sound so vain. (only because I AM so vain!)

Ok Lus, I promise that in my Oscars speech I'll make a special mention of the "journal-addict-who-tried-too-hard-at-college-fijian-freaky-gal".

No I won't, I'll thank the "very special friend who wrote fabulous journals and did brilliantly at college and then went on to plenty more inspiring and important things and had three GORGEOUS children"! xoxoxo.