Friday, 9 June 2006

Ah, Rejection, my old friend.

"Unfortunately at this stage I will say no to representation as the industry is quite slow at present so I am being rather specific about who I take on as there isn't a lot of work.
Again thank you for your enquiry and good luck."

My first rejection from an agent. :-) And I'm pretty sure there'll be more. She's right of course; the industry is darn slow at the moment and directors don't seem to be very interested in new faces. Not to mention the over-abundance of struggling hopefuls just like me.

Anyway, plodding along. When I get some money at tax time I hope to do a short course or two. There's an "Auditions and Screen Tests" short course at NIDA in July which I'd love to do, and the Actor's Centre has some Saturday morning screen acting classes.

I'm just feeling good about the mere fact that I'm moving forward. Finally putting myself out there and declaring to the world I'm an actor and I'm ready to work.

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