Friday, 23 June 2006

Let's go, people!

I posted a while ago about how at uni I was always the one to volunteer first for stuff. Well, I was also renowned for being a big fat nag about keeping time. If a class started at 9, I was ready at 9 sharp, fidgeting, asking the teacher to get started. If we had a 10-minute break, I was herding reluctant classmates back inside the instant the time was up. Some lecturers appreciated it. Some lecturers dragged their feet with the best of them, which drove me especially wild.

Let's just say no one was surprised when I decided to major in Stage Management for my final 3 semesters. Or when I attempted to run my rehearsal room with military precision (attempted being the operative word; it was the aforementioned reluctant student group we're talking about!)

Okay, trying to get to the point. Which is...

Today's shoot, as an extra for the short film. Oh my goodness, it tested my ability to cope with lateness and disorganisation. To be honest, a lot of the chaos was nobody's fault. Firstly, when I arrived I was told the diretor was at the hospital down the road getting stitches after severely cutting his arm during bump-in (bump-in? That's a theatre word, don't know if the terminilogy's different in the film world). So, there go the first few hours. Second, out of the 25 people booked as extras, myself and one other person arrived. 2 out of 25! How can people be so rude, to just not turn up! Thankfully there were a fair few crew people who could jump in as extras for crowd scenes.

Apart from those things though, they were just. so. slow. Drove me mental watching them faff around and chat about crap while slooooowly resetting and messing around pointlessly with lights. Towards the end of the day I admitted to one of the AD's (there were two - who'dda thunk a short student film needed two ADs?!) that the strain of not calling out "Right! Stop yakkin' and get on with it!" was almost killing me.

Apart from all that though, it was an alright day. Did some nightclubby scenes and a very-drunk-flirty-sleazy bit which was fun. The other actors were friendly and someone gave me the number of her agent to call. That could be handy. :-) People were astonished when I mentioned my kids and fascinated by the very idea of being married with two kids while so young. One admitted thinking I was 18 or 20. I can't quite decide if that's a good thing actually. I'm sure once I'm older I'll love looking 6 or 7 years younger but right now I'm not sure that I want to be thought to be a teenager. Better than thinking I'm 40 I guess!

Anyway, I'm rambling. I'm buggered and the girls are finally both asleep, so goodnight.


lusi said...

Hey...I can say that I really enjoyed having you be assertive at college! You spoke for me! he he he
Anyways, congrats on the filming and for getting an agent's number (nice one!). The start of big things!
Oh yeah and the young married thing...girls on my basketball team asked me the other night how old I really was...they'd had a mini bet and thought I was 19! Chuffed!!! Not a bad effort after 3 kids...and you after 2 (yep, when we're 40 we will be LOVING that!!!) You're a yummy mummy!!!

Sumara said...

Not as yummy as you! Skinny thing that you are now! :-)

Narelle said...

oooh I very much dislike disorganisation too!

Sounds like you did good.