Monday, 5 June 2006

Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?

When you think things are bad,
when you feel sour and blue,
when you start to get mad...
you should do what I do!

Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you're really quite lucky!
Some people are much more...
oh, ever so much more...
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!

(from Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by Dr Seuss)

So very true, don't you think? Not that I actually know of anyone who can't fix his Throm-dim-bu-lator, or who needs to be watched by a bee-watcher-watcher. And I don't actually feel very sorry for the rusty tin coat-hanger hanging in space. BUT, there are millions of people who are muchly much-much more unlucky than me.

Just reminding myself, that's all. I find Dr Seuss is strangely good for reminding oneself of such things.