Monday, 19 June 2006


Well, didn't get the hen's-night one - Triple Back Flip. The director hadn't read my email about not being available at night. So today I confirmed it with him and he said no he couldn't "use" me (ah, love that I'm consciously putting myself out there to be used!) because he needed everyone to stay until 8pm. Grrr.

I did consider changing my mind and saying I could stay late after all, but it just wouldn't be worth it. Miss Bear sooo wouldn't cope at night and Noel sooo wouldn't cope with her not coping. And most likely filming would go later than 8 and it would just end up being disastrous shenanigans.

I kinda wish, though, that I'd waited to hear if I was offered a part. Now I don't know what they thought. I asked in my last email if he wouldn't mind saying what he thought of my audition just for my own reference, but who knows if he'll be bothered with that.

I'm disappointed but mostly cranky actually - at the director for not reading my email before the audition, at myself for basically counting myself out of it, at Noel for not being more proactive with Bear so that she wouldn't be totally dependent on me at night.

Such is life. No use wishing things were different when they're not. And there's still the other one, Big White Heist or whatever it's called.

Ho hum.


lusi said...

hey sum, sorry to hear it didn't work out :(
you still rock in my world!
love ya heaps
L x

Sumara said...

Aaaw thanks Lus. :-)

Narelle said...

bum bum bum.