Friday, 16 June 2006

A good day :-)

I done good today I reckon. Real good and proper-like.

Sorry, I'll stop being a bogan. :-)

First off, just to add to my little rant about the money-makers that are CityRail... at least their staff are nice, because as I ordered my ticket the man said "just wait a few minutes and you'll get a cheaper fare". Turns out "off-peak" starts earlier out here on the fringes of the urban jungle. So I only had to pay $8 after all.

Aaanyway, got to the audition and a rather spunky young assistant director welcomed me, gave me the script to run through etc... He came back a little while later asking if I'd be okay to stay a little longer, because the people who were in the other studio casting a different short film wanted me to read for theirs too. Fancy that.

I could really start to get a big head with these unsolicited audition offers!

The first director, for Triple Back Flip, didn't even want to see a monologue, so there was one weight off my mind. I'm not sure that I impressed him terribly much, but he did seem to like my growling. (yes, the script called for a growl.)
(Surprisingly this director was middle-aged and rather authoritative. I was expecting a bunch of young, casual student-ish people, which they all were apart from this director. Just an observation.)

The 2nd director seemed to like me. I finished my monologue (oh by the way, I did end up doing the "shouldn't drink before midnight" one. Decided that after rehearsing them both on the train on the way there), and she effused "thanks, that was really good!" A comment I rather appreciated, as you can imagine. And I think I did a good job with that script too. Let's hope she agrees.

Wouldn't it be good if they did like me? Either of them. The first film is (in my opinion) a much better script, but the 2nd one (can't remember it's name... something about a heist) would be a bigger role I think. The universal question - what's better, quality or quantity???

Anyway, don't count your chickens and all that. I read some advice the other day about auditions and the conclusion was that after you've done your piece, finished the audition, the only thing left to do is go home, and get on with your day. Simply, there's nothing else you can do about it.

Good advice. :-)


Leah said...

OMG how exciting!!! :) Looking fwd to hear if you get the roles :)

lusi said...

Keep us informed girl - i'm super duper excited for you. Good auditions too - got to be pumped with that on its own!!!
Yay Sumi!
l x

Narelle said...

I reckon you'll get both!

Sumara said...

Ha! Thanks Narelle. :-)

Hi Leah! Lurvely to see you here.

Thanks for the super-duper-ness Lus! :-)

Should get a phone call tomorrow... *not nervous at all*...