Saturday, 22 July 2006

Crazy things

In the last couple of days I've done a couple of crazy things:

1. Listed myself on one of the USA's online casting directories.

You know, just in case some huge hollywood director is after some random unknown Aussie actress and wants to fly her to the states. Roll your eyes, off you go.

2. Applied for an unpaid feature-length film to be shot (in four days apparently!) on the Sunshine Coast next January.

Yes, the Sunshine Coast. That's only about three hours' flight from here. But hey, we have been planning to have a holiday up there sometime. Noel can have a great holiday with the girls while I'm filming! And who says feature-length films can't be shot in four days???

Bring it on, baby....


Nic and Beren said...

The Sunshine coast thing sounds fun ! Good luck.

jkr2 said...

sumara !!!! bring it on.
then i get to MEET YOU IRL!!!!!