Friday, 7 July 2006

Oh dear! Missing for so long!

Deary me, I haven't blogged for over a week. I'm sure you're all (whoever you are, oh People Who Read My Blog) pining away and missing me terribly.

Had a really lovely few days away with Noely and the girls. Stayed with my gorgeous friends Lus and Brett and their scrumptious kiddos, and then a night in freezing Oberon. Was sooo great. Noel's had two weeks off work but he's back on Monday. *sob*

So, what with keeping busy being a lady of luxury with my hubby home I've lost a bit of momentum. Have been spring-cleaning the house (Lusi's amazingly organised and happy home inspired me), which is long overdue and really refreshing... but otherwise not much happening.

I almost decided to be Stage Manager for our local theatre group's upcoming production of Cosi, but I just couldn't figure out how to make the timing work around Noel's unpredictable work schedule, and the girls' needs. I enjoyed visiting their rehearsal, though. How nice to be in a theatre again. To be honest I was really wishing I was there to be on stage rather than backstage. It was great chatting with the director - an hilarious lady who just didn't stop talking. She asked pretty doubtfully if I had worked backstage before, and upon learning I had a degree, majoring in fact in Stage Management, she was completely besotted with the very idea of me. I felt awful to have to let her down, because she was so dreading having to train someone who had no idea about stage management.

Ah well, them's the breaks.

When Noel's back at work next week my task is to phone all the agents to whom I sent my headshot a couple of weeks ago - to ask if they received it and how desperate they are to sign me up. *hah* *snort*

Haven't been getting many audition notices... things must really be very quiet... sshhh...

Wake up people! Make some more films! Cast some new shows! There are starving actors all over the city, come on!


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lusi said...

Amen to the call for producers and directors to start making more films, etc - how cool!!!
I don't know about the housework thang but it was soooooooooo fab to have you guys up here and I won't be forgetting our 10 min escape to the cafe in a hurry - lol!
Have a mad as weekend! Love to everyone...
Lus x