Tuesday, 18 July 2006


Just have to confess that Miss T and I are currently watching Curse of the Black Pearl (first Pirates movie, for the uneducated readers) for the 2nd time today, and the third time in a week.

And loving it. :)

Am dying to see Dead Man's Chest again but, alas, going to the cinema costs money. :(

One more little thing - I have been constantly laughing to myself about the fact that the chest, in said movie, belonging to the dead man, does in fact contain the contents of said dead man's chest. His chest contains the contents of his chest. *laughs with hilarity* Love it.

And if you haven't seen the film you're going to think I've completely lost my marbles, with that comment. So you'll just have to see the film!

Oh and I just found this:

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?

That's it! I'm not obsessed by this because I want to be a fabulous actor like Johnny Depp - it's because secretly I want to be a swashbuckling charming pirate like Captain Jack! :)


Nic and Beren said...

LOL....Ive gotta see this movie. Isn't amazing the way Johnny Depp never ages....remember him on 21 Jump Street, i thought that was sooo cool.

Sumara said...

I've still not seen 21 Jump Street, but I intend to! I asked Noel to find it on the net for me so I can watch it for free all at once! My own little Depp-fest one night. :-)

_Dee_ said...

Didn't the movie ROCK, we thoroughly enjoyed it :D :D :D

I must watch the first again though because I have forgotten a lot of it.