Saturday, 15 July 2006

Guess what

Nothing, that's what. As you can probably tell, from the lack of posting this week, I'm not up to anything.

I've been contemplating signing back up with the fairly dodgy agency I used to be a part of - they're the type who charge you to join them and mainly deal with extra work and TV commercials. But, they do actually get people paying work and I'm starting to think maybe that's better than nothing at this point. It would just require me being very assertive and demanding with them and insisting that they do actually get me the work they didn't get me last time.

And I would have to find the money for the "photography" and "marketing" fee. And we all know how much money I have to be flinging around randomly. I'm hoping (really really hoping) that Noel and I get a fair bit of moolah back from the lovely tax office and that there'll be a coupla hundred left after we pay a million other debts, and maybe I can use that.

That's a lot of hoping and maybe....

Anyway I'm really torn because we were always taught that the agencies that charge a fee are just beyond dodgy, totally pathetic and not worth the effort. My "pollyanna" side says that they'd be fine, they'd get me a few TV ads and stuff and then a better agent would be interested or I'd get *discovered* for a big movie or something. (yes yes, roll your eyes.) My not-so-pollyanna side says "Run! They'll take your money and do nothing and then you'll miss out on getting something better!"

And who knows, with the industry being so slow (as I am constantly reminded), even they might not want another person on their books.

Oh well, give it a couple of weeks. We'll see what I can manage with one more big effort to nab an agent, and after that we'll see what the tax man brings.

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jkr2 said...

sounds like a drag, sweetheart.

hey, merlin and pauli both replied to you, in case you were wondering. check my blog and theirs.