Friday, 21 July 2006

More happiness?

How does a quote of the day sound?

I heard this on New Inventors, of all places, the other night.

When you relinquish the desire to control the future, you can have more happiness.
- Nicole Kidman

I reckon, though, that the reliquishing of said desire to control needs to be balanced with enough desire to be proactive and ambitious. Otherwise you'd never go anywhere or do anything. You still need to know what you want, aim for it and take steps towards it, but be content in the knowledge that the journey won't always look the way you expect.

That's very hard to do. When I can't see the big picture and know what's around the corner, it's easy to get down and anxious about where life seems to be taking me. I need to remind myself that I am taking the steps I need to take, and aiming in the right direction, and the rest is out of my control.


lusi said...

I think you are right...its a balance...not too little - not too much - (there's a breakfast cereal slogan in there I can feel it lol)
And hey you gorgeous gal, thanks sooooooooo much for the beautiful card that Brett just brought me from the mail clever girl! It looks awesome with so many cute photos on it! Thank you for your kind words and you know we love you guys so much!
Lus x

Sumara said...

No worries Lus. :) We love you too!