Sunday, 16 July 2006

Symbolism in Pirates

Ok well my ever-brilliant friend Lusiana just taught me (over the phone! Thanks Lus!) how to do links so here we go.

This is an extremely fascinating bloke, "Merlin", writing about the symbols, psychology and religious philospohy-type-stuff of Pirates. Merlin's gonna think I'm stalking him the way I've been raving about him lately! Here's some more. (You have to read through that one a way to find the stuff about Pirates - but the rest is great reading too. Merlin writes some very clever analyses of films and literature and their religious/psychological/philosophical symbolism.)

No time to ramble more about it now but I'm fascinated by it all. :-)

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lusi said...

Oh that friend Lusiana sounds very clever - rofl!!!
Yay for links!
lus x