Tuesday, 11 July 2006

"Our books are closed"

and repeat. and again.

Shall I call back in the future then?

*sigh* *roll eyes* You could if you liked.

I suppose you gotta feel a bit sorry for them - they probably have to say that a hundred times a week. But you would think they could amend the script slightly to "I'm sorry, our books are closed".

Well, I phoned three agents and emailed another (who doesn't appear to have a phone number). Can't say I haven't tried.


Nic and Beren said...

Oh bugger ! Hopefully things pick up soon for you. Maybe there will be more movies in summer time.

lusi said...

Hang in there...mmmmmwwwwwwa!
Lus x

lusi said...

Hey mate...found this today in the Gazette...don't know what it is, if its paid or not or who they are or anything else but thought i'd pass on the detials to you just in case...
'Theatre festival 15/15/17 Sep -
Actors wanted (2 Adult, Lght Mngr...)for a One Act Play Festival. Call: 47 51 92 80 for more info'.
Let me know if anything comes of it!
Love ya!
Lus x

Sumara said...

Thanks Lus! I just called and left a message. Let's hope they're after actors who say "ummm" a lot! ;-)

Thanks for thinking of me. xoxo